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Precautions for buying Beachfront Propertyiconwht

Precautions for buying Beachfront Property

Estimated Reading Time: 4 Minutes Costa Rican beachfront property is located in the Maritime Zone, or ZMT (Zona Maritima Terrestre), and you should know about certain restrictions before purchasing. We have very little titled beachfront property, so this is very important information if you want to live on the beach. When buying a beachfront home,…

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Costa Rica Flamingo Beach offers Amazing Beauty and Exclusivity

For beauty and exclusivity, Flamingo Beach offers a choice of luxury beach condos, homes and mansions for sale in a beautiful, peaceful and safe place in Costa Rica. Flamingo Beach – white sand and sunshine for the beach lovers. Larry Albright had lived and loved Flamingo for 15 years. When he moved there he was amazed at the beauty…

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